[strongSwan] [Issue with strongswan and usb-ethernet]

mbalembo marc.balemboy at csgroup.eu
Mon May 10 17:51:50 CEST 2021


I have a strange problem where I'm trying to use a USB dock with an 
Ethernet port to connect via strongswan.
I use the same configuration in WiFi and there everything works great.

But, when the usb-adapter is used, the tunnel is established but then 
HTTPS connections fail (with checksum errors).
Trying to join the same server in HTTP works fine. The command "openssl 
s_client" get a CONNECT then hang.

I'm guessing this has to do with the Linux driver of the usb dock since 
multiple docks behave similarly (although i haveĀ  one dock with a 
different controller working
and the native controller of another computer is fine too). I know the 
Realtek RTL8153 controller is not working.

I've tried disabling most of the offloading part of the driver with no 

Is there any clues i should seek to identify the problem ? I'm not sure 
how to investigate further.


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