[strongSwan] updown - server which disconnects one roadworrior when another connects

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 28 10:58:52 CEST 2020

Hi guys.

I have a strongswan with 'updown' which controls tunnels,
routes, etc. I took the script from doc examples and built
upon it.
What is perplexing totally to me is, that the scripts shows
that when one roadwarrior is connected and another one is
connecting then the server invokes 'down-client' which then
removes - as the updown dictates - tunnel of already
connected roadwarrior.
Here is a snippet of the log from 'updown' script, a moment
when new roadwarrior connects:
vti113 - down-client
Mon Sep 28 09:47:20 BST 2020
ip tunnel del vti113
ip route del dev vti113

vti114 - up-client
Mon Sep 28 09:47:21 BST 2020
ip tunnel add vti114 local X.X.X.X remote Z.Z.Z.Z mode vti
key 11
ip link set vti114 mtu 1400 up

'updown' script has nothing to do with that, right?
Why would server do that 'down-client'?

many thanks, L.
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