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Sun Sep 27 16:36:16 CEST 2020

Hello everyone,

I am having problems getting an ip range over a tunnel that i want. And 
don't see what i do wrong...

I have setup the following where MS1 and V1 are under my control:
windows host (MS1) -> vpn server (/V1/)   =tunnel=   vpn server (V2) -> 
win hosts ( x.64.48.41 (MS2) and x.64.51.113 (MS3) )
conn A
  left=<ext ip>
  right=<ext ip>
  and the rest

The tunnel comes up fine. I can send a ping to x.64.48.41 from MS1. But 
fail to ping MS3.
I bring down the tunnel and start a ping MS3. Bring up the tunnel and 
ping reply is fine. But now i fail to ping MS2. Doing the same reverses 
everything al the time. So it seams the the first ping that comes trough 
gets to be working. And gets to add the route.

table 220 gives me:
x.64.48.0/21 via <ext ip> dev ens18 proto static src
x.64.48.41 via <ext ip> dev ens18 proto static src
and got ping to MS2 working.

I tried adding
x.64.51.113 via <ext ip> dev ens18 proto static src

But the packages don't seem to be send in to the tunnel. They do arrive 
at V1 from MS1. I don't get why Strongswan add 2 routes to the table 
even the ip is included in the subnet.

I tried a setup with two other setup's but also never both pings working:
rightsubnet=x.64.48.41/32,x64.51.113/32 But with the same result.

Conn A

Conn BA

Hope someone can make me a bit smarter and explain and solve my problem. 
Tried to keep al the ip's as real as possible so hope all is clear enough.

Kind rgds, Ben

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