[strongSwan] Keeps building connections (2 up, 670 connecting)

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Wed Nov 18 11:46:46 CET 2020

Good morning all,

I have a Ubuntu server 20.04 with two Strongswan connections. One is 
fine and up all the time. The second is a copy of the first config with 
other IP addresses and an other secret and is all the time connecting 
even it has already established one connection working. Found one person 
that had something similar witch had something to do with set dpdaction 
and closeaction but after a few tries didn't get result and bringing 
down the connection all the time gave to much interruptions for the 
client. So basically i have a working connection and only get 
interruptions when it is being reestablished.

Hope someone can tell me what i am doing wrong or if this is a problem 
at the other end or can me give me some pointers to debugging.

===== Conn1 ====
conn Conn1

===== ipsec.secrects =====
# This file holds shared secrets or RSA private keys for authentication.

# RSA private key for this host, authenticating it to any other host
# which knows the public part.

%any : PSK "<sec1>"
%any : PSK "<sec2>"

Output from /sudo ipsec status

Security Associations (2 up, 670 connecting):
     Conn1[2466]: ESTABLISHED 16 minutes ago,[]...[]
     Conn1{5461231}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 637, ESP SPIs: c1f5asdf_i 
     Conn1{5461231}: ===
     Conn1[2464]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2460]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2457]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2455]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
   OtherConnection[2454]: ESTABLISHED 6 hours ago,[]...[]
   OtherConnection{5459235}:  INSTALLED, TUNNEL, reqid 634, ESP SPIs: 
c38asdff_i c919asdf_o
   OtherConnection{5459235}: ===
     Conn1[2451]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2447]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2440]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2439]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2437]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2434]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2432]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2430]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2429]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2426]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2425]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2422]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2421]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2418]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2412]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2411]: CONNECTING,[]...[]
     Conn1[2409]: CONNECTING,[]...[]

Met vriendelijke groet,

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