[strongSwan] swanctl deadlock

Volodymyr Litovka doka.ua at gmx.com
Wed Nov 18 11:25:26 CET 2020

Hi Noel,

On 18.11.2020 11:56, Noel Kuntze wrote:
> 2) are there ways to work around this issue in order to achieve what I'm trying to achieve - detect IKE rekeying rather than downing connection to avoid unnecessary changes to network?
> I am not aware of any besides the workaround of doing it with a native plugin.

I'm afraid I don't fully understand your answer.

- I read this as "you can do this by using native plugin" (which, I
guess, is VICI?)
- while recently you said that this is VICI itself acquire locks and
conflicts with updown which is doing the same stuff
- and that's why it's impossible to use VICI from updown script

I will appreciate if you'll find time to explain a bit more on the
topic. What I'm understanding improperly?

Thanks a lot.

Volodymyr Litovka
   "Vision without Execution is Hallucination." -- Thomas Edison

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