[strongSwan] Unable to establish a connection w/ECDSA Certs

Jan-Otto Kröpke mail at jkroepke.de
Sat Nov 14 17:19:59 CET 2020


it's a follow up from: https://wiki.strongswan.org/issues/1063

I have exactly the same problem. ECDSA client key and ca are correct. My
Client is a Mac OS system, too. Looking at the source code, the patch is
not applied. I guess strongswan is still looking for a RSA CA only.

The issue is closed. Unlike the original reporter, I'm able to apply
patches and could give feedback.

My questions:

Is it possible to re-open the issue?
If yes, could someone verify if the patch is still valid for the latest
version of strongswan?

Jan-Otto Kröpke
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