[strongSwan] initiate from both sides

Christoph Harder c_harder at arcor.de
Fri Nov 13 09:08:14 CET 2020

Hello everyone,

I'm using Strongswan on FreeBSD and wanted to ask if it is possible to have a tunnel initiated by both sides?
Currently I have one side witch uses start/restart/start for the start/dpd/stop actions and one side that uses trap/trap/trap.
However since I have dynamic ips on both sides, I'm relying on dynamic dns to find the other host. But propagation of the new address takes a while, which results in delays after the ip of the responder changes.
If both sides would be initiating/reinitiating the tunnels, the problem would be solved because if one side can't initiate the tunnel, due to dns propagation delays the other side would be able to connect. (Well, unless both sides get new ips at the same time.)
Is this kond of configuration supported?

Best regards,

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