[strongSwan] access roadwarriors from server's LAN - how?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 16 13:58:20 CEST 2020

On 15/06/2020 10:29, Volodymyr Litovka wrote:
> Hi,
> may be it makes sense to consider different interfaces?
> One for public access, another one - for LAN access.
> Take a look into
> https://wiki.strongswan.org/projects/strongswan/wiki/RouteBasedVPN
> You can use VTI configuration for LAN purposes, while
> having separate interface (with masquerading) for public
> access.
> Hope this'll help.

Now I wonder is it possible and if yes then how, to add NAT
to such at vti based VPNs.....
Anybody any thoughts?
many thanks, L.
> On 15.06.2020 12:00, lejeczek wrote:
>> On 15/06/2020 08:53, lejeczek wrote:
>>> On 15/06/2020 07:16, Volodymyr Litovka wrote:
>>>> Hi L.,
>>>> if you can ping server from client, then, in general, you
>>>> can ping everything from everywhere.
>>>> It is a question of routing and firewalls, e.g.
>>>> - NodeA at LAN should know, that ClientA at VPN resides behind
>>>> VPNSrv at LAN
>>>> - ClientA at VPN should allow access to his services from VPN
>>>> connection
>>> Could it be that my strongswan does not handle my case well?
>>> My case is such that:
>>> a) my server runs a client to a "public" VPN of which end I
>>> know almost nothing - this part works well.
>>> b) my server is also the server for my own VPN clients - and
>>> here is where I cannot access those roadwarriors (but they
>>> can ping server's LAN)
>>> Here is when a roadwarrior connects okey and server show
>>> this for table 220:
>>> dev ipsec0 table 220 proto static src (a
>>> client connected to my server, pool for clients is
>>> while server's LAN is
>>> dev ipsec0 table 220 proto static src
>>> (server is client to a public VPN)
>>> If I'm not asking too much then I wonder - is it the
>>> strongswan not doing something or doing something wrong but
>>> can be helped somehow? (config/plugin/hooks etc.)
>>> Or it's exclusively OS firewall/routing which needs fixing
>>> outside and independently of strongswan? (but then it would
>>> sort of defeat the purpose of strongswan in my opinion)
>>> ps. If I give clients the pool of "dhcp" so roadwarriors
>>> land on the same server's LAN then 'ping' to roadwarriors
>>> works, but erratically.
>>> many thanks, L
>> Okey, I think I know what is going on, but to resolve in a
>> way that "all" works will be a sticky wicket for me.
>> I put masquerading on ipsec0 interface for this one reason -
>> so some nodes on server's LAN have access to "public" VPN
>> network when Strongswan is "client" to a public VPN - this
>> mangles "something" in such a way that Strongswan's own LAN
>> cannot ping/get to Strongswan's own roadwarriors.
>> I'll keep fiddling with firewall as I hope there is a
>> resolution to my case but in the meanwhile if anybody has
>> any ideas and suggestions - I'll be grateful.
>> many thanks, L.
>>>> On 14.06.2020 23:02, lejeczek wrote:
>>>>> Hi guys,
>>>>> I have a strongswan serving clients and all seem to flow
>>>>> nicely from roadwarriors to server's LAN.
>>>>> I wonder now, before I'd go into configs and settings, how
>>>>> to make roadworriors accessible from server's LAN.
>>>>> Is this sever-client issues or something completely
>>>>> independent and falls into OS's realm of networking, would
>>>>> you know?
>>>>> many thanks, L.
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