[strongSwan] automating Strongswan for Android with Tasker

David H. Durgee dhdurgee at verizon.net
Wed Jan 29 21:50:26 CET 2020

I have installed the Strongswan for Android app on a Marshmallow tablet
and have created a profile to allow a VPN to be opened to my home
network.  Looking at the wiki I see directions on how to connect and
disconnect the VPN using intents.  I have installed Tasker on the tablet
and believe I have defined intents to accomplish this following the
wiki, but they do not work.

I am populating the Action, Extra and Package in the Tasker "Send
Intent" definition as per the wiki.  When I run the task nothing happens.

Is the wiki out of date?  Did I miss something required for this to
work?  Is anyone using this successfully?


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