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Tue Jan 21 07:44:52 CET 2020


It doesn't "stop working". It enforces your configured policies. Mind providing me the output of "swanctl -q ; ip x p ; swanctl -P ; ip route show table all ; ip rule ; iptables-save ; swanctl -u --child dropall", please?
The command at the end unroutes the conn so you get the output.

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Am January 20, 2020 10:25:25 PM UTC schrieb reterverv ercertecrterc <bernd1293 at inbox.lv>:
>> Use priority = 3 instead of priority = 1 and try it.
>I have already tried that, but the OpenWrt router stops working, when I
>run the command "swanctl --load-all".
>I have to reboot the OpenWrt router to get it running again. Do you
>have any idea why this is happening?
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