[strongSwan] IPSec l2tp, hots to site, several customers with same local IP

Squalou Jenkins squalou.jenkins at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 21:13:32 CET 2020


I'm quite new to networking, especially VPN. I have to maintain a setup
based on strongswan for
a home-to-office VPN solution.

I have one question, rather specific, I don't know where to look for a good
answer to it so here I am.

Sometimes, since end-users are completely independent, they may end up in
their homes with an identical 192.168.x.y local address. (public IP
different, of course, different physical locations, different ISP)

Is this supposed to be an issue with IPSec ? with Strongswan ?
If not, what is supposed to be a "good and scalable" solution for 200
random peoples ?

If it is supposed to work, I'd be glad to know how to make it work, since
today when this happens, the latest client to connect forces disconnection
of the previous :)

kind regards

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