[strongSwan] Clients with the same local IP cannot connect successfully at the same time

佛来佛网 314186514 at qq.com
Sun Feb 2 18:30:22 CET 2020

hi all :

 I set up       strongswan ---freeradius ---winbind -----MS AD
 the clients is Windows  built-in  vpn client.
 I use   strongswan status all | grep 192.168.1
 display this 
    IKEv2-EAP[80]: ESTABLISHED 3 minutes ago,[vpns.mydomain.com]...[]
   IKEv2-EAP[65]: ESTABLISHED 26 minutes ago,[vpns.mydomain.com]...[]
   IKEv2-EAP[36]: ESTABLISHED 36 minutes ago,[vpns.mydomain.com]...[]
 if  two  clients  have  same  local ip    for example     ,  the last can not  connect successfully.
 how can I   change  the   remote id  of clients  .  or any other  way to  solve  this  .
 thanks so much.
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