[strongSwan] Two questions about swanctl.conf

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Mon May 13 12:33:38 CEST 2019


> 1) Is there a "more secure" way to store the per-user psk password in swanctl.conf file?

First, note that shared keys will be accessible in memory once loaded
into the daemon via VICI.  So the question is whether you are concerned
with the actual storage, or with other attack vectors.

Generally, you could use your own storage scheme (e.g. an encrypted file
that's decrypted with a password entered on the console) and load the
secrets into the daemon via VICI protocol.

Then the available options depend on the type of secret.  IKE pre-shared
keys must be available to the daemon locally.  However, EAP secrets may
be verified via RADIUS and stored on a different host (they still have
to be available in plaintext to the RADIUS daemon there).  If EAP-GTC is
an option (many clients don't support it), the passwords may be verified
via PAM and stored in hashed form.  And for EAP-MSCHAPv2, passwords may
be stored as MD4/NT-hashes in swanctl.conf.

If you store them in swanctl.conf (or a file included by it) make sure
it's only readable by the appropriate user (root or whatever swanctl
will be run as).

> "It is not recommended to define any private key decryption passphrases, as then there is no real security benefit in having encrypted keys. Either store the key unencrypted or enter the keys manually when loading credentials."
> Maybe I'm misreading that sentence. I just have the plain password.

That paragraph is referring to passwords used to encrypt private keys,
not shared secrets.

> 2) In the pools section, is there a way to define the default localdomain-search variable?

If you know the numeric identifier, you can use that to assign arbitrary
configuration attributes to clients (they will just ignore it if they
don't know/support it).  There is no IKEv2 attribute type standardized
for the search domain, though.


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