[strongSwan] Windows Client - Specify Machine Cert

Tom Rymes tom at rymes.net
Sun Feb 24 17:29:27 CET 2019

I have specified two IKEv2 connections on a Windows 10 client, each one 
connecting to a different Strongswan machine using machine certificates. 
Connection1 works just fine, but when I add the second connection, along 
with its certificate, it does not work. The Strongswan server for 
Connection2 reports this in the log:

charon: 13[IKE] received cert request for "C=US, ST=QQ, 
L=Connection2Town, O=Connection2Org, OU=Connection2Dept, CN=Connection2 
CA, E=user at connection2.com"
charon: 13[IKE] received cert request for "C=US, ST=ZZ, 
L=Connection1Town, O=Connection1Org, OU=Connection1Dept, 
CN=Connection1CA, E=user at connection1.com"
charon: 13[IKE] received 42 cert requests for an unknown ca
charon: 13[IKE] received end entity cert "C=US, ST=ZZ, O=MyOrg, 
OU=MyDept, CN=Connection1"
charon: 13[CFG] looking for peer configs matching 
x.x.x.x[%any]...y.y.y.y[C=US, ST=ZZ, O=MyOrg, OU=MyDept, CN=Connection1]
charon: 13[CFG] no matching peer config found
charon: 13[IKE] peer supports MOBIKE
charon: 13[ENC] generating IKE_AUTH response 1 [ N(AUTH_FAILED) ]

I have imported two certificates to the client, one for each connection, 
and if I delete the certificate for Connection1, Connection2 will 
successfully connect. Is Windows sending the wrong certificate, or is 
Strongswan somehow choosing the wrong one? I do not see anywhere that I 
can specify which certificate the client should use for a given connection.

The only conclusion I can reach is that the assumption is that thie 
client will only have one certificate installed to identify itself, so I 
will need to either import the certs from one host to the other, or I 
will need to create a certificate on the windows machine and upload that 
to both hosts instead of creating separate certs for each connection?

Can anyone point out what boneheaded mistakes I am making here?

Many thanks,


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