[strongSwan] Ubuntu strongswan server and tplink vr400 client

lenovomi lenovomi at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 01:34:07 CET 2019


I installed ipsec/strongswan server on my ubuntu vm box (which
is behind 2 routers, so 2x nat, last router has public ip) and want to
connect to it from my router (acting as a client, tplink). Client router
has public ip (wan) and lan

I am not sure how to setup ipsec.conf left,leftid,leftsubnet and
right,rightid, and right subnet. Left is vm box, right is tplink router.

Is it correct if i set left=%any4, leftid=, leftsubnet=, leftfirewall=yes
and right(router) right=%any4, rightid=%any, rightsubnet=

At tplink router i set Tunnel access from local IP addresses: subnet and Tunnel access from remote IP addresses: single address

Basically what I want is that all clients behind tplink router nat ie
192.168.1.x will be able to ping / access vm box

Thank you!
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