[strongSwan] Wrong DH group and hash in IKE phase 1 proposal

Makarand Pradhan MakarandPradhan at is5com.com
Fri Dec 13 15:45:16 CET 2019

Hi All,

A quick update to my last query.

Make clean and a reboot seems to have fixed the issue. I haven’t modified any strongswan code so it should not have mattered. Anyways. Now I can see the IKE PH1 complete.

*Dec 13 17:14:29.259: ISAKMP:(1008):Input = IKE_MESG_INTERNAL, IKE_PHASE1_COMPLETE
*Dec 13 17:14:29.259: ISAKMP:(1008):Old State = IKE_P1_COMPLETE  New State = IKE_P1_COMPLETE


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Subject: [strongSwan] Wrong DH group and hash in IKE phase 1 proposal

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to set up a tunnel between Strongswan and Cisco 2811. I'm following instructions per:


Phase 1 parameters are configured in ipsec.conf as:

When I try starting up the tunnel, the IKE proposal sent out contains:

Per log on Cisco router:
*Dec 12 21:32:39.438: ISAKMP:      encryption AES-CBC
*Dec 12 21:32:39.438: ISAKMP:      keylength of 128
*Dec 12 21:32:39.438: ISAKMP:      hash SHA256
*Dec 12 21:32:39.438: ISAKMP:      unknown DH group 31
*Dec 12 21:32:39.438: ISAKMP:      auth pre-share
*Dec 12 21:32:39.438: ISAKMP:      life type in seconds
*Dec 12 21:32:39.438: ISAKMP:      life duration (basic) of 1520

I've captured the packet in wireshark and the packet indicates the wrong DH group and wrong hash. I've attached the captured pcap file.

My ipsec.conf file is as follows:

config setup                     
        charondebug=ike 4        
conn m1                                                              

 I've tried changing to 3DES and SHA512 and different DH groups in ipsec.conf. All the same, I always see AES-SHA256-DHGRP31 going out.

Any opinions or suggestions to correct my ipsec.conf would be highly appreciated.

With rgds,

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