[strongSwan] Example needed: both client and server networks are behind NAT

strongswan_user at mail.ru strongswan_user at mail.ru
Fri Mar 30 22:53:22 CEST 2018

In other words: how alice and bob from ikev2/double-nat-net should be further configured so that alice2, could ping bob2, Assuming, as in the  test, that the tunnel goes from alice, to bob,

Thank you.

>Пятница, 30 марта 2018, 21:02 +03:00 от strongswan_user at mail.ru:
>Is there an example that I can study - when both client and server networks are behind NAT? ikev2, and PSK for simplicity. 
>The ikev2/double-nat-net test seems to be closest, and it is supposed to show a *network* (bob, bob2,...) behind the server, but bob is the only one there (and alice doesn't even ping bob, she pings internal NAT interface). In my similar setup I can only have 1 client (alice) successfully pinging the server (bob). bob2 can't ping alice, and alice2 can't ping bob (so, peer-to-peer only).

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