[strongSwan] Question about routing (maybe OT)

Harald Dunkel harald.dunkel at aixigo.de
Fri Mar 9 10:42:06 CET 2018

Hi folks,

Question: If a roadwarrior running MacOS sets up a connection
via IPv4 to my strongswan server, then the Mac gets an additional
routing entry for my server, e.g.         UGHS            0        0     en0 in this example is the IP address of my server. is the default gateway in the road warriors local
network. Payload is IPv4 only. IKEv2.

Question is, who tells the Mac to setup this routing entry?
Is this initiated by Charon on my server somehow, or is this
Apple's code?

Point is, using IPv6 for ike and esp there is no such routing
entry on the Mac, even though the IPsec connection still might
affect IPv4 routing for

Every helpful comment is highly appreciated

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