[strongSwan] Connect to StrongSwan Server via HTTP_PROXY

Rafael Herrera rafael.herrera at inspira.com.br
Mon Mar 5 22:16:21 CET 2018


Is it possible to connect a client to StrongSwan/IPSec VPN server through
an HTTP Proxy in between the both hosts (client and server)?

Please notice that I found that it is possible using OpenVPN

--http-proxy server port [authfile] [auth-method]Connect to remote host
through an HTTP proxy at address server and port port. If HTTP
Proxy-Authenticate is required, authfile is a file containing a username
and password on 2 lines, or "stdin" to prompt from console.

auth-method should be one of "none", "basic", or "ntlm".

Is there any similar approach that I can use with StrongSwan/IPSec?

Best Regards.
Rafael de Paula Herrera
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