[strongSwan] Need help on traslating "right"

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 23:48:38 CEST 2018

Dear All,

I am very new to strongswan. trying to stablish a connection b/w two sites.
i have the settings from remote site but i can not translate this in to
strongswan. thus i request you all to kindly help.

left =
right =
rightsubnet =

Now here is the required setting from remote company using some other
device may be router or firewall.
here is the details.
Phase One

Authentication method : Shared key
encryption : Group14
Encryption Algorithm : AES-256
Hashing : SHA-1
lifetime : 86400 Seconds

Phase two
Encryption : ESP
Encryption Algorithm : AES-256
Authentication Algorithm : SHA-1
perfect forward secrecy : disabled
Lifetime 3600

can you guyz please help me creating this. i know about where to put the
secreat. but i can not translate the whole in to strongswan as there are
some different technical names for each option.
Moreover how can i troubleshoot the the configuration incase things does
not work

any help will be highly appreciate.

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