[strongSwan] Trouble configuring vpn connection to strongswan using smartcard

Nathan Hüsken nathan at wintercloud.de
Mon Jul 16 22:46:33 CEST 2018

Hello Everyone,

I am new on  this list, so hi :).

I have trouble configuring a connection to my strongswan server using a smartcard and I need some help debugging the problem.

I try to configure it via network-manager (with the module charon-nm). Here is  the situation:

* If I use private key + certificate, everything is fine so the server seems to be setup correctly.
* I stored the certificate on the smartcard using pkcs15-init and it shows up using pkcs15-tool.
* If I use smartcard, I get prompted for my pin but then it says in the logs:

    VPN connection: failed to connect: 'no usable smartcard certificate found.'

This is unfortunately not very informative. I wonder: Does it not find the certificate on the smartcard? Did I copy the wrong certificate?

Can I somehow get better logs about what is wrong?
Can I use smartcards with charon-cmd? Maybe that way I could find out more.

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