[strongSwan] strongswan conf directory change

Priyadarshi, Amit 1. (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) amit.1.priyadarshi at nokia.com
Mon Jul 16 11:51:49 CEST 2018

Hello Masoudi/ Kevin,

This is with reference to the discussion thread
Let me quote the excerpt

> Hello,
> I am a tester recently doing some ipsec test using strongswan. I found I
> was not able to change the strongswan confdir after I installed it,
> changing the ipsec file(which is a script itself) doesn't work. Also I have
> tried reinstalling with command "./configure --prefix=/usr
> --sysconfdir=<some other location>", but it always installed it under the
> same original location. Does anybody know how can I change the conf dir no
> matter by reinstalling or something else?
> Some backgrounds:
> Strongswan version: 4.6.3, I am using this version because I need a
> special patch which can turn off cert_id_binding flag.
> Platform: CentOS 5
> Thanks,
> Kevin
My query is
Were you able to make the sysconfdir configurable ?

Amit Priyadarshi

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