[strongSwan] Authentication failure on server side

Jafar Al-Gharaibeh jafar at atcorp.com
Tue Jan 30 18:36:31 CET 2018


     You can log the IP and a lot more by properly configuring your 
strongSwan logging options:



On 1/30/2018 10:40 AM, Abulius, Mugur (Nokia - FR/Paris-Saclay) wrote:
> Hello,
> A Linux server should log all successful and unsuccessful IKE authentication requests from clients.
> Does the up-down script gets invoked on the server side (which is always responder), if the authentication with a client fails?
> If the up-down script is not invoked, there is any way to determine on server side from which IP address the authentication request was rejected?
> Thank you
> Mugur

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