[strongSwan] Possible to specify a %dynamic traffic selector with port?

Glen Huang heyhgl at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 10:57:09 CET 2018


I currently use as the local_ts on my server, and when my mac connects to it via ikev2 vpn, in the routing table I see ipsec0 is used as the default gateway. But it also says if the destination is directly my server, it should go through eth0.

I have a couple services open on the server, and I’d like connection to them to be protected by ipsec too. I wonder what should I specify in local_ts?

I tried local_ts =,%dynamic[53], but I can not longer connect to the ikev2 vpn, and the error contained "no matching peer config found”. Removing “,%dynamic[53]” fixed it.

Is it possible to specify a port for %dynamic? And is specifying multiple selectors the right approach to protect both the forwarded and direct connection to server?


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