[strongSwan] Marking DPD / signalling traffic [WAS : "signal of type SIGINT received. Shutting down" ?]

Hoggins! hoggins at radiom.fr
Thu Jan 25 17:55:02 CET 2018

My previous attempts to match only DSCP 0x2e don't seem to be the best

Could I simply tell StrongSwan to place an iptables xmark on its DPD /
signalling outbound packets ?


Le 25/01/2018 à 16:28, Hoggins! a écrit :
> Following the little diary of my experiments, here is what i believe I
> found :
> Because I'm doing traffic shaping at the output of my NIC (HTB with hard
> capping), I believe that when there is a lot of outbound traffic in the
> StrongSwan tunnel, it also clogs the available bandwidth for the whole
> link, and... well, is it the DPD mechanism that can't get through fast
> enough anymore, triggering a restart ? That's when bad things happen.
> So I guess I should be able to define a specific prio for the packets
> responsible for DPD / IKE. For that, I'm using the value ikedscp=101110
> in my ipsec.conf, matching with an iptables rule to push the DSCP 0x2e
> packets through a priority lane. But am I doing it right ?
> Is there a better way ? What could I match to be sure that all the
> signalling packets have a higher priority than the data packets ?
> Thanks !
>     Hoggins!
> Le 20/01/2018 à 18:24, Hoggins! a écrit :
>> I think I'm getting closer to what I'm looking for.
>> So this event happens because I have dpdaction=restart. At least that's
>> what I found.
>> Problem is that with auto=route, if there is any connection drop, the
>> tunnel is never reestablished again, hence the dpdaction=restart, which
>> was obviously a workaround for me.
>> So I guess I need to understand why :
>>     - when there is excessive latency on the link, the tunnel fails
>> (should I work on the replay_window parameter ? The StrongSwan "server"
>> audit daemon complains with an "MAC_IPSEC_EVENT op=SA-replayed-pkt")
>>     - why, after having failed, the tunnel is not reestablished, why the
>> traps are not catching anything
>>     Hoggins!

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