[strongSwan] OpenWRT. IPSec server

Giuseppe De Marco giuseppe.demarco at unical.it
Thu Jan 4 14:14:32 CET 2018

Hi and thank you Noel,
I meant to run ipsec and charon in the embedded openwrt router, I use dpd
as well

  # dead-peer detection to clear any "dangling" connections in case
the client unexpectedly disconnects  dpdaction=clear  # If the tunnel
has no traffic for this long (default 30 secs), Charon will send a
dead peer detection packet. The value 0 means to not send such
packets, relying on ordinary traffic, which will occur at least once
an hour, which is the default rekeying lifetime.  dpddelay=33s  #  DPD
Retries : 3  dpdtimeout=300s

Running strongswan in a 18-70$ openwrt router is very usefull in many way
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