[strongSwan] Infrequent SA Key Mismatches Between strongSwan and RouterOS

Dorian Kind dorian.kind+strongswan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 14:38:21 CEST 2018

Hi all,

we have set up a site-to-site VPN connecting our main office (running strongSwan 5.5.1 on Debian Stretch) to a branch office (using a Mikrotik router with RouterOS 6.40.8). It's a IKEv2 tunnel using a PSK and the default key lifetime of 1 hour.

Everything works great, but every now and then (maybe around once a week), the rekeying of the tunnel goes wrong: after the rekey, the two sides are no longer in agreement about which keys to use.

After such a rekey, the SAs on strongSwan side look like this:

   proto esp spi 0x09890c39 reqid 2 mode tunnel
   replay-window 0 flag af-unspec
   auth-trunc hmac(sha256) 0x511b4b8066dd9f91e028411ac41edd0a0c2ca686191d4201d20cf699a88fc4da 128
   enc cbc(aes) 0x74a144af92c8b3be372a04dac3c19c8c
   anti-replay context: seq 0x0, oseq 0x0, bitmap 0x00000000

   proto esp spi 0xcff9f231 reqid 2 mode tunnel
   replay-window 32 flag af-unspec
   auth-trunc hmac(sha256) 0x162e38a241b3c7fe6f18a61f9f8a45ffd005b4e4e801e3e502462b9f31e3c5f9 128
   enc cbc(aes) 0x06ef2900e20f793e87b535e56c80a2a5
   anti-replay context: seq 0x0, oseq 0x0, bitmap 0x00000000

While the Mikrotik side uses the following SAs:

1  E spi=0x9890C39 src-address= dst-address= state=mature 
     auth-algorithm=sha256 enc-algorithm=aes-cbc enc-key-size=128 
     enc-key="c30de4b999ba413af5da8d2d8e024001" add-lifetime=48m2s/1h3s replay=128 

2  E spi=0xCFF9F231 src-address= dst-address= state=mature 
     auth-algorithm=sha256 enc-algorithm=aes-cbc enc-key-size=128 
     enc-key="a856120a0824bb2fc60aa565482d303e" addtime=aug/21/2018 10:18:10 expires-in=51m18s 
     add-lifetime=48m2s/1h3s current-bytes=35703 current-packets=144 replay=128 

From that output it appears that both sides use different auth and encryption keys for the same SPI. As a consequence, any ESP packets belonging to the connection are just being dropped on both ends.
Restarting the connection immediately fixes this until the next time that a key mismatch happens after a rekey.

The log entries of the rekeying on the strongSwan side don't look very suspicious to me:

2018-08-21T10:18:09.616057+02:00  09[IKE] <conn_name|1> queueing CHILD_REKEY task
2018-08-21T10:18:09.616674+02:00  09[IKE] <conn_name|1> activating new tasks
2018-08-21T10:18:09.617223+02:00  09[IKE] <conn_name|1>   activating CHILD_REKEY task
2018-08-21T10:18:09.617782+02:00  09[IKE] <conn_name|1> establishing CHILD_SA conn_name{2}
2018-08-21T10:18:09.618394+02:00  09[CFG] <conn_name|1> proposing traffic selectors for us:
2018-08-21T10:18:09.618955+02:00  09[CFG] <conn_name|1>
2018-08-21T10:18:09.619505+02:00  09[CFG] <conn_name|1>
2018-08-21T10:18:09.620064+02:00  09[CFG] <conn_name|1> proposing traffic selectors for other:
2018-08-21T10:18:09.620697+02:00  09[CFG] <conn_name|1>
2018-08-21T10:18:09.621381+02:00  09[CFG] <conn_name|1> configured proposals: ESP:AES_CBC_128/HMAC_SHA2_256_128/MODP_2048/NO_EXT_SEQ
2018-08-21T10:18:09.636466+02:00  09[ENC] <conn_name|1> generating CREATE_CHILD_SA request 30 [ N(REKEY_SA) SA No KE TSi TSr ]
2018-08-21T10:18:09.637105+02:00  09[NET] <conn_name|1> sending packet: from <STRONGSWAN_IP>[4500] to <MIKROTIK_IP>[4500] (496 bytes)
2018-08-21T10:18:10.571371+02:00  12[NET] <conn_name|1> received packet: from <MIKROTIK_IP>[4500] to <STRONGSWAN_IP>[4500] (480 bytes)
2018-08-21T10:18:10.572847+02:00  12[ENC] <conn_name|1> parsed CREATE_CHILD_SA response 30 [ No KE TSi TSr SA ]
2018-08-21T10:18:10.590638+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1> selecting proposal:
2018-08-21T10:18:10.591675+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1>   proposal matches
2018-08-21T10:18:10.592406+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1> received proposals: ESP:AES_CBC_128/HMAC_SHA2_256_128/MODP_2048/NO_EXT_SEQ
2018-08-21T10:18:10.593170+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1> configured proposals: ESP:AES_CBC_128/HMAC_SHA2_256_128/MODP_2048/NO_EXT_SEQ
2018-08-21T10:18:10.593884+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1> selected proposal: ESP:AES_CBC_128/HMAC_SHA2_256_128/MODP_2048/NO_EXT_SEQ
2018-08-21T10:18:10.594612+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1> selecting traffic selectors for us:
2018-08-21T10:18:10.595126+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1>  config:, received: => no match
2018-08-21T10:18:10.595605+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1>  config:, received: => match:
2018-08-21T10:18:10.596273+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1> selecting traffic selectors for other:
2018-08-21T10:18:10.596780+02:00  12[CFG] <conn_name|1>  config:, received: => match:
2018-08-21T10:18:10.597258+02:00  12[CHD] <conn_name|1>   using AES_CBC for encryption
2018-08-21T10:18:10.597731+02:00  12[CHD] <conn_name|1>   using HMAC_SHA2_256_128 for integrity
2018-08-21T10:18:10.598220+02:00  12[CHD] <conn_name|1> adding inbound ESP SA
2018-08-21T10:18:10.598695+02:00  12[CHD] <conn_name|1>   SPI 0xcff9f231, src <MIKROTIK_IP> dst <STRONGSWAN_IP>
2018-08-21T10:18:10.599168+02:00  12[CHD] <conn_name|1> adding outbound ESP SA
2018-08-21T10:18:10.599642+02:00  12[CHD] <conn_name|1>   SPI 0x09890c39, src <STRONGSWAN_IP> dst <MIKROTIK_IP>
2018-08-21T10:18:10.600129+02:00  12[IKE] <conn_name|1> CHILD_SA conn_name{26} established with SPIs cff9f231_i 09890c39_o and TS ===
2018-08-21T10:18:10.600670+02:00  12[IKE] <conn_name|1> reinitiating already active tasks
2018-08-21T10:18:10.601294+02:00  12[IKE] <conn_name|1>   CHILD_REKEY task
2018-08-21T10:18:10.601800+02:00  12[IKE] <conn_name|1> closing CHILD_SA conn_name{21} with SPIs cca08482_i (29988 bytes) 0f456b61_o (47112 bytes) and TS ===
2018-08-21T10:18:10.602274+02:00  12[IKE] <conn_name|1> sending DELETE for ESP CHILD_SA with SPI cca08482
2018-08-21T10:18:10.602744+02:00  12[ENC] <conn_name|1> generating INFORMATIONAL request 31 [ D ]
2018-08-21T10:18:10.603211+02:00  12[NET] <conn_name|1> sending packet: from <STRONGSWAN_IP>[4500] to <MIKROTIK_IP>[4500] (80 bytes)
2018-08-21T10:18:10.605572+02:00  08[NET] <conn_name|1> received packet: from <MIKROTIK_IP>[4500] to <STRONGSWAN_IP>[4500] (96 bytes)
2018-08-21T10:18:10.606048+02:00  08[ENC] <conn_name|1> parsed INFORMATIONAL response 31 [ ]
2018-08-21T10:18:10.606520+02:00  08[IKE] <conn_name|1> CHILD_SA closed
2018-08-21T10:18:10.607076+02:00  08[IKE] <conn_name|1> activating new tasks
2018-08-21T10:18:10.607624+02:00  08[IKE] <conn_name|1> nothing to initiate

Has anyone experienced something similar to this before? My guess is that this is more likely than not an issue in Mikrotik's IPSec implementation, but I still wanted to see if somebody can give some pointers on this list.

Many thanks for any feedback and best regards,

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