[strongSwan] commit 6b57790270fb07c579315c70ecce34f8ad9a4d63 is different when it comes to libcharon

Jaehong Park jaehong.park at illumio.com
Thu Sep 7 17:44:28 CEST 2017

Hi Martin.


If a system uses routing metrics, we should honor them when doing (manual)
routing lookups for IKE. When enumerating routes, the kernel reports priorities
with the RTA_PRIORITY attribute, not RTA_METRICS. We prefer routes with a
lower priority value, and fall back to longest prefix match priorities if
the priority value is equal.

The logic of get_route  function in  /libcharon/plugins/kernel_netlink/kernel_netlink_net.c was ported to differently than it is described above.

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