[strongSwan] NixOS test

Bas van Dijk v.dijk.bas at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 00:26:49 CEST 2017

On 31 August 2017 at 19:40, Noel Kuntze
<noel.kuntze+strongswan-users-ml at thermi.consulting> wrote:
> The aborting of the initation is a deliberate design decision. That is because this is a configuration error of the remote peer.
> Use auto=route to get the kernel and charon to try to establish a matching CHILD_SA for the traffic matching the TS.

Hi Noel,

Thanks for the explanation. I guess the swanctl equivalent of
auto=route is start_action=trap. What do you mean by "remote peer"?
The initiator carol or the responder moon? I actually tried setting
start_action=trap on carol before but got the same NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN
error after a few successful test runs.

I just tried setting start_action=trap on moon as well and I haven't
been able to reproduce the error after many test runs. So this might
indeed fix the problem! I am surprised this setting is not set on the
same test in the strongSwan project:


Maybe the machines in the strongSwan test suite are booted
sequentially instead of in parallel like in my NixOS test so the error
doesn't appear.

> There are many more failure cases than just that that would need to be considered to make charon try to keep a CHILD_SA up at all times.

Is there any documentation on how to configure strongSwan for systems
that need to work reliably and fully autonomously?

Thanks a lot for the start_action=trap tip. I think I'm also going to
set that on my company VPN because it seems to make things more


> On 31.08.2017 19:31, Bas van Dijk wrote:
>> I've now changed the testScript[1] to first start moon, wait for the
>> strongswan-swanctl service to start and then start carol. Using this
>> setup it's almost guaranteed that moon has loaded the connection
>> before carol initiates the connection.
>> In the process of debugging this I did discover the option:
>> charon.retry_initiate_interval "Interval in seconds to use when
>> retrying to initiate an IKE_SA (e.g. if
>> DNS resolution failed)". Would it make sense to extend the behavior of
>> this option to also retry an IKE_SA if a previous attempt failed *for
>> any reason* (so not just on DNS failures)? If it works like that it
>> will solve my problem because carol will just retry initiating the
>> connection after it gets the NO_PROP message. It will make initiation
>> more automatic and robust.
>> Bas
>> [1] https://github.com/LumiGuide/nixpkgs/blob/c16b7285fe9cc379227a255f955b38c6830a7b24/nixos/tests/strongswan-swanctl.nix#L150
>> On 31 August 2017 at 11:04, Bas van Dijk <v.dijk.bas at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Ok after studying this part of the log a bit further:
>>> https://gist.github.com/basvandijk/a2de93d8c93ce925838c1dbf2ee1d925#file-strongswan-swanctl-test-failure-log-L1428:L1459
>>> I see that the following is going on:
>>> 1. moon has started charon-systemd but hasn't loaded the connection yet
>>> 2. carol sends a IKE_SA_INIT request to moon
>>> 3. since moon hasn't loaded the connection yet it can't find an IKE
>>> config for and sends a NO_PROP response back
>>> to carol
>>> 4. moon loads the connection
>>> 5. carol warns about the "received NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN notify error"
>>> 6. pings from carol to alice fail continuously because the VPN is not
>>> established
>>> Is there a way for carol to keep trying to establish a connection
>>> until it succeeds?
>>> Bas
>>> On 31 August 2017 at 09:14, Bas van Dijk <v.dijk.bas at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> I also included the log of a successful test run:
>>>> https://gist.github.com/basvandijk/a2de93d8c93ce925838c1dbf2ee1d925#file-strongswan-swanctl-test-success-log
>>>> On 31 August 2017 at 09:09, Bas van Dijk <v.dijk.bas at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> I noticed that my test succeeds most of the time but I just observed a
>>>>> test run where carol keeps trying to ping alice but fails each time.
>>>>> The following line from the test log[1] seems suspect:
>>>>> carol# [ 4.538963] charon-systemd[716]: received NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN notify error
>>>>> I haven't looked into this error yet but I suspect it's a concurrency
>>>>> issue. Note that all machines start up at the same time[2]. I think if
>>>>> I first start moon, wait for the strongswan-swanctl.service to start
>>>>> and then start carol it always succeeds. But I rather not introduce
>>>>> that sequentialism and I suspect that strongSwan should be able to
>>>>> handle not fully booted gateways and that I just forgot to configure
>>>>> some option somewhere.
>>>>> Any ideas why the test sometimes fails?
>>>>> [1] https://gist.github.com/basvandijk/a2de93d8c93ce925838c1dbf2ee1d925
>>>>> [2] https://github.com/LumiGuide/nixpkgs/blob/b1bab8cff348ac743ecc6734f1852a16db41a9a2/nixos/tests/strongswan-swanctl.nix#L151
>>>>> On 30 August 2017 at 11:52, Bas van Dijk <v.dijk.bas at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>> The test now succeeds[1].
>>>>>> Thanks for your help.
>>>>>> Bas
>>>>>> [1] https://groups.google.com/d/msg/nix-devel/X-0T97MLR7I/cGUCWjXQAAAJ
>>>>>> On 30 August 2017 at 02:57, Bas van Dijk <v.dijk.bas at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>>> On 30 August 2017 at 02:29, Noel Kuntze
>>>>>>> <noel.kuntze+strongswan-users-ml at thermi.consulting> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Two things:
>>>>>>>> - Please don't pipe stuff from the web into bash, it just asks for trouble and especially don't advertise or advise people to do it.
>>>>>>> Hi Noel, good point. This should probably be removed from nixos.org/nix.
>>>>>>>> - Try enforcing UDP encapsulation. If the FW rules actually change something, then currently only IKE is allowed, but there's no NAT, so ESP is used as transport protocol.
>>>>>>> Something similar was suggested[1] on the nix-devel mailinglist. I
>>>>>>> will see how to get that to work.
>>>>>>> Bas
>>>>>>> [1] https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/nix-devel/X-0T97MLR7I/jbPQucPOAAAJ
>>>>>>>> Kind regards
>>>>>>>> Noel
>>>>>>>> On 30.08.2017 02:18, Bas van Dijk wrote:
>>>>>>>>> I've created a PR for the NixOS Linux distribution that adds a module
>>>>>>>>> for strongswan-swanctl:
>>>>>>>>>   https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/27958
>>>>>>>>> Although the new module works on our company VPN I would also like to
>>>>>>>>> add a NixOS test to ensure it keeps working. I've mimicked one of the
>>>>>>>>> swanctl tests from the strongswan project:
>>>>>>>>>   https://github.com/LumiGuide/nixpkgs/blob/strongswan-swanctl-test/nixos/tests/strongswan-swanctl.nix
>>>>>>>>> Although SAs get established successfully between gateway moon and
>>>>>>>>> roadwarrior carol I can't seem to ping alice from carol. Since I'm no
>>>>>>>>> networking expert I'm probably missing something obvious. It would be
>>>>>>>>> great if somebody could give me a tip or point me in the right
>>>>>>>>> direction.
>>>>>>>>> To run the test for yourself you don't need to install NixOS, you only
>>>>>>>>> need the Nix package manager (which is easy to uninstall later on;
>>>>>>>>> just rm -r /nix):
>>>>>>>>>   $ curl https://nixos.org/nix/install | sh
>>>>>>>>> Then clone my nixpkgs fork and checkout the right branch:
>>>>>>>>>   $ git clone https://github.com/LumiGuide/nixpkgs.git
>>>>>>>>>   $ cd nixpkgs
>>>>>>>>>   $ git checkout strongswan-swanctl-test
>>>>>>>>> Look in nixos/tests/strongswan-swanctl.nix to see how to run the test
>>>>>>>>> but the following should get you started:
>>>>>>>>>   $ nix-build nixos/tests/strongswan-swanctl.nix
>>>>>>>>> Note that I also asked this question on the nix-devel mailinglist:
>>>>>>>>>   https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/nix-devel/X-0T97MLR7I
>>>>>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>>>>>> Bas

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