[strongSwan] Configuration file does not tolerate non-ASCII characters in CN

Marian Kechlibar marian.kechlibar at circletech.net
Fri Oct 27 13:47:00 CEST 2017

Strongswan does not seem to be able to read connection configuration
file with non-ASCII characters in CN.


 remote_sa {
    auth = pubkey
    id = "C=CZ,O=Example ltd.,CN=České,L=Prague"

Without the non-ASCII characters, the file is parsed correctly.

 remote_sa {
    auth = pubkey
    id = "C=CZ,O=Example ltd.,CN=Ceske,L=Prague"

Is there any way how to encode CN in Strongswan config file so that
non-ASCII CNs are supported?

Best regards

Marian Kechlibar

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