[strongSwan] Host-to-Host Windows to Debian (StrongSwan)

Ben Lavender ben.lavender at virtualdcs.co.uk
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Sure how do you guys prefer them to be provided? .zip file?

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Can you provide more logs from both side if possible?

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Anyone think they could assist with this?

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Subject: Host-to-Host Windows to Debian (StrongSwan)


Please could anyone assist with this problem?

We have setup a connection between to servers (right Windows | left Debian-StrongSwan) in a host-to-host configure, where the Windows server will be establishing the connection using transport mode (IKEv1). The authentication is set to use a X.509 certificates.

The problem we are having seems to be within the two log lines below:

Oct 24 16:21:45 LAB-DEBCLIENT-01 charon: 07[ENC] parsed INFORMATIONAL_V1 request 62237808 [ HASH N(AUTH_FAILED) ]
Oct 24 16:21:45 LAB-DEBCLIENT-01 charon: 07[IKE] received AUTHENTICATION_FAILED error notify

Is there any advice given for attempting to resolve this issue? I can provide full logs if need be. Thanks.


# ipsec.conf - strongSwan IPsec configuration file

config setup
        charondebug="ike 4, knl 4, cfg 4"

conn %default

conn host-host

ca strongswan


# This file holds shared secrets or RSA private keys for authentication.

# RSA private key for this host, authenticating it to any other host
# which knows the public part.

: RSA deb.key.pem



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