[strongSwan] MOBIKE + VTI

Prashanth Venugopal pvenugopal at vmware.com
Thu Nov 30 10:18:39 CET 2017


We have a use case where we need to support MOBIKE with VTI interfaces. S
Our Current solution involves using strongswan to provide the IKE protocol communication, but we disable route installs in Charon and add routes through our application code to point it to the appropriate VTI interfaces.

We want to do something similar for mobile clients (that use MOBIKE) but we would also like to cover the “UPDATE_SA_ADDRESSES” notification cases. In short, we would like to somehow figure out in our application (which uses the vici plugin to talk to strongswan) when an “UPDATE_SA_ADDRESSES” is received so that we can point the routes to a new/different vti interface.

I do see that strong swan does the path switching when it is taking care of routing, but is there a notification that the application could register for to catch this event and react appropriately with vti interfaces ?
Would the SA get deleted and re-created when this happens ?


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