[strongSwan] RNGs and OpenSSL

Jafar Al-Gharaibeh jafar at atcorp.com
Thu Nov 9 21:38:57 CET 2017


   Thank you for the quick response. I did search through the 
documentation and also the source code, but didn't find definitive 
answers to my questions. Do you  have some pointers?

I did see this in the man page which addresses my last question:

  charon.plugins.openssl.engine_id [pkcs11]
               ENGINE ID to use in the OpenSSL plugin.

charon.plugins.openssl.fips_mode [0]
               Set OpenSSL FIPS mode: disabled(0), enabled(1), Suite B 

So, are these the only available options?

Thank you in advance,

On 11/9/2017 2:29 PM, Noel Kuntze wrote:
> Use the power of documentation (man pages).
> On 09.11.2017 21:22, Jafar Al-Gharaibeh wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    I am compiling  StrongSwan with these options:
>> --enable-openssl    #enables the OpenSSL crypto plugin.
>> #--enable-rdrand      # don't enable Intel RDRAND random generator plugin.
>> --disable-random    #disable RNG implementation on top of /dev/(u)random.
>> Looking through the code, OpenSSL plugin itself provides an RNG plugin so I thought the above configuration
>> will make sure I'm using the OpenSSL RNG.  Is my assumption correct?
>> what if I enable rdrand above does that  become  the default for all random numbers used by strongswan ignoring OpenSSL's RNG?
>> Does enabling those other RNG plugins have any effect on OpenSSL itself? I.e is there  a way to set OpenSSL's RNG directly from Strongswan?
>> For OpenSSL (and other plugins), where do I find a list of all supported configuration options? for example I found the following example on strongswan website, what other  options I can set/unset there?
>> charon {
>>      load_modular = yes
>>          interfaces_use = eth0
>>      plugins {
>>                  openssl {
>>                       fips_mode = 0
>>                  }
>>          include strongswan.d/charon/*.conf
>>      }
>> }
>> Many Thanks,
>> Jafar

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