[strongSwan] Multiple Host-to-Host machines

Christian Huldt christian at solvare.se
Tue Nov 7 20:08:24 CET 2017

You may use a wildcard (*) as in this:
rightid="C=SE, O=OurDomain, OU=rogue, CN=*"

Den 2017-11-07 kl. 13:48, skrev Ben Lavender:
> Hello, we have recently setup a host-to-host connection using IKE1
> with strongSwan on Linux and Windows using certificate authentication.
> We also have a requirement to add multiple other windows hosts to the
> configuration on strongSwan. We originally setup the conn with the
> rightID parameter set to the certificate DN of the Windows machines
> which worked fine. However we want to add a number of Windows hosts
> that use the same PKI. As we understand the left|rightID parameter is
> a single string parameter only, what would the best way of adding in
> this config? I understand the OID can be added or is it viable to add
> in multiple conn settings for each host and specify the DN?
> Thanks

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