[strongSwan] multiple subnet in local_ts and remote_ts in swanctl.conf

Guylain Lavoie guylainlavoie at gmail.com
Thu May 11 03:56:52 CEST 2017


I am trying to establish a site to site tunnel from my client to a
strongswan server. On the client I have tried to add two subnets into
remote_ts separated by a comma but only the first one is ever taken into

For example, if on the client I have:


the only child SA that will be created will be ==
If I change the ordering of the subnets in remote_ts like this:


I end up with the following child SA ==

If in understand the documentation correctly it should be possible. Am I

Obviously, if I could create two child but it gets a bit heavy if I have
several subnets in both local_ts and remote_ts. I would really prefer to
have only one child SA.

I am currently using version 5.5.1 of the client.

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