[strongSwan] MOBIKE task got stuck Strongswan version 5.3.2

Tobias Brunner tobias at strongswan.org
Fri May 5 11:20:04 CEST 2017

Hi Simon,

> 1. Any guesses on how MOBIKE task get stuck and won't timeout? Should
> there be on-going re-tries?

Read the log.

> 2. I think charon is still sending keepalive messages to the peers with
> MOBIKE task active, but no DPD is sent. This behavior seems to create
> the situation that tunnels stay connect but they are really dead long ago.

Could be the daemon thinks there is no valid path to reach the peer, so
it deferred sending any messages until the network connectivity changes
(again check the log for details).

> 3. Following Q2, DPD won't do any good because the MOBIKE task seems to
> have higher priority then delete. Is this behavior fixed in 5.5 recently
> (issues/1410)?

That issue is related to IKEv1.  The idea behind preferring MOBIKE tasks
over others is that without a valid path to the peer there is no point
in sending other messages and if the peer can't be reached, the MOBIKE
exchange, whether it is an update or a DPD, will trigger the DPD action

> 4. I need to support remote devices doing MOBIKE switch but I don't want
> the VPN server in the office to perform MOBIKE switch. It is futile.
> There is no secondary internet interface to switch to. Chaos ensure when
> charon tries to find alternate paths on a 1000 tunnels.

The MOBIKE task does not necessarily mean that this is an actual MOBIKE
update.  With MOBIKE enabled between two peers DPDs are also handled by
these tasks.

> Can development team
> members point out where I can tweak the source code to silently ignore
> MOBIKE jobs? If I put mobike=no in ipsec.conf I think remote peers won't
> be able to do MOBIKE switch.

If the MOBIKE task is actually triggered by a network change you can
avoid that by disabling charon.plugins.kernel-netlink.roam_events.


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