[strongSwan] Regarding IKEv2 EAP

pothuganti sridhar pothuganti.sridhar at gmail.com
Fri May 5 11:15:15 CEST 2017

Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your clarifications.


On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 2:40 PM, Tobias Brunner <tobias at strongswan.org>

> Hi,
> > I am a bit confused with eap-dynamic, and eap-radius. When we say
> > "rightauth=eap-radius", does that mean, it will accept all the EAP
> > methods by authenticating with radius?
> Pretty much.  The eap-radius plugin doesn't really care about specific
> EAP methods it just passes EAP messages between RADIUS server and client
> back and forth.
> Regards,
> Tobias
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