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Well, I don't need anything from you (unless you pay me to configure it for you).
YOU need to gather your requirements and choose one of the possible authentication methods
and then configure it.

In either case:
1) Configure the IP addresses
2) Set up authentication
3) Configure the local traffic selector and the remote one on both sides
4) Make the tunnel come up
5) Deal with any errors
6) Make this permanent

On 03.05.2017 17:01, Paul McEwan wrote:
> OK, that's good that it's possible
> What exact information do I need to provide to see what needs to be done?
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>> I'm using StrongSwan U5.3.5/K4.4.0-24-generic on Ubuntu Linux 16.0.4 (x64) and have successfully connected to multiple site to site VPN's.  I can access everything without issues when I'm on the StrongSwan Linux box.  However, I have some Windows Server 2012 R2 servers on the same local network, and I'd like to use the StrongSwan server as a gateway so the Windows servers can access the networks connected to by StrongSwan.  Is this possible?
> Yes. Particularities depend on the exact requirements.
>> And if so, is there a procedure outlining how to do it?
> No, because it's a boring standard procedure that doesn't differ in any way from any other IKE software. There's no need to describe every possible combination of software, unless there are any actual problems. But even then, only the problems and the solutions need to be listed.

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