[strongSwan] Valid onc file for ikev2 psk eap-peap

Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at york.ac.uk
Thu Jul 6 17:33:14 CEST 2017

Been looking for details on cow to configure a chromebook to connect to
sswan 5.5.3

Found an ONC spec document and came up with

"Type": "UnencryptedConfiguration",
"NetworkConfigurations": [
    "Type": "VPN",
    "Name": "UoY StrongSwan VPN",
    "VPN": {
       "Type": "IPsec",
       "Host": "vpn10.york.ac.uk",
       "IPsec": {
          "AuthenticationType": "PSK",
          "IKEVersion": "2",
          "PSK": "12345"
       "EAP": {
          "AnonymousIdentity": "@york.ac.uk",
          "Identity": "userid at york.ac.uk",
          "Outer": "PEAP",
          "Inner": "MSCHAPv2",
          "UseSystemCAs": true

Thing is

1). Never done this before so don;t know if its correct
2). Importing via URI chrome://net-internals/#chromeos doesn't tell me one
way or the other if its worked. I'm assuming it hasn't as I can't see a VPN
definition apearing in chromeos

Any help appreciated
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