[strongSwan] Question regarding site-to-site multiple tunnel setup.

Scott Walker scott.walker at framestore.com
Wed Jan 11 22:48:40 CET 2017

I'm looking to build an infra that is

local site -> remote site

But using multiple tunnels in order to get the B/W I need. (plenty of
servers at the remote end talking back so I want to be sure it's not all
rammed down one tunnel).

Most of the docs I'm finding revolve around this type of config but for VPC
(AWS, GCE, etc).

I do admit I'm a bit lost right now as to how I go about this approach.

So if I have say 3-4 servers on local site and 3-4 servers on remote
dedicated as VPN end points.

Would I configure a 1-1 ratio? Create a mesh? How on local would I do
routing? I'm not looking for HA this is for PURE speed reasons.

I'm reading everything I can find but I'm still in the dark.
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