[strongSwan] how to find out what was "./configure"d

hb hb09 at mnet-mail.de
Fri Feb 24 11:45:05 CET 2017

I'm new to strongSwan and this mailing list. So I may ask stupid
questions or do not yet know where to find the answers. Please be
patient and if my question is already answered somewhere else, please
give me a pointer.

When using strongSwan I get "no XAuth method found". I learned that I
need to re-compile it with "--enable-xauth-generic" which shouldn't be a
problem, except I may miss some other features which in the distro's
version were enabled or need to be disabled. That is, I don't want to
break anything which currently works. So I want to know, whether I can
find out how the current version was compiled/configured.


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