[strongSwan] Android app connection breaks

Piotr Soróbka psorobka at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 23:33:32 CET 2017


I'm testing the Android app with IKEv2 connection. The app loses connection
randomly, in the log I can see messages:

*error writing to socket: Operation not permitted*

I've set the retransmission to 30 minutes, and after that period, if the
retransmission threshold is reached, I can see messages in server log:

*lease by 'foo' went offline*

After the connection is back on the Android app, I see in the log:

*sending keep alive to x.x.x.x*

And the status in Android app is *connected.*

My questions:

1) Why does the app loses connection, even if I have perfect WiFi/data
2) Why does the app says that is connected, even after hours of
disconnection and after the server says that the client is offline?

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