[strongSwan] OpenWRT. IPSec server

Giuseppe De Marco giuseppe.demarco at unical.it
Fri Dec 29 10:07:56 CET 2017


Do you compile firmware by yourself or install packages in a stable release
using opkg command?
If you open the 4500 port means that you use ikev2/charon, isn't it?

I customize openwrt and lede firmwares for specific purposes, my packages
are here:

I always use ovpn for embedded purpose but if you have configured all the
dipendencies for a ipsec strongswan ikev2 with mschap in openwrt let me
know which packages you installed, I can do a customized firmware compiling
from scratch all the release (disk space usage will be more efficient)

Ports are 4500 udp and 500 udp

2017-12-28 8:51 GMT+01:00 Sujoy <sujoy.b at mindlogicx.com>:

> Hi All,
> We want to implement StrongSwan,with IPsec in OpenWRT. IPSec server will
> be running in CentOS and the OpenWRt router will connect to it using VPN. I
> have configured the server part, struggling to configure the client part.
> Do we need to open port 4500 for this first.
> Anyone can suggest any solution for this.
> --
> Thanks & Reards
> Sujoy
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