[strongSwan] Calling station id incorrect

Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at york.ac.uk
Thu Dec 7 11:33:32 CET 2017

I've configured my vpn server ( 5.6.1) to use eap-radius to pass auths to
our RADIUS service .

I've also configured eap-radius.conf to pass the Calling-Station-Id and
Framed-IP-Address to the RADIUS server.

Unfortunately what appears at the radius server seems to be the IPv4/IPv6
address of the remote client along with the port used

so for a linux box using ipv4, the callingStationid is ipv4 address and
source port
for my macOS 10.13 system, using san appropriately configured .mobileconfig
file, its the IPv6 client address and a port.

Is this correct ? Shouldn't you see the client mac address at this point
.... or is that not possible?

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