[strongSwan] Lots of reconnections for a rekey/reauth, and packet drops

Hoggins! hoggins at radiom.fr
Tue Dec 5 16:26:20 CET 2017

Hello Tobias,

Le 05/12/2017 à 15:54, Tobias Brunner a écrit :
> Using auto=start on both ends in combination with uniqueids=yes and
> closeaction=restart is a bad idea.  If a duplicate SA is created and
> that's detected and the duplicate is then closed this deletion will
> again trigger another SA, causing another duplicate and so on.
> Regards,
> Tobias

I see your point. The thing is now I have removed on both ends the
In addition to that, should I use auto=route on both ends ?

My last experience with auto=route unfortunately showed that it was "not
working", meaning that no matter what I did to try to trigger tunnel
creation by sending traffic to the other peer, the tunnel was never
started automatically, hence the auto=start.

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