[strongSwan] Traffic selector modification ignored when rekeying SA [follow-up]

Sarefrech sarefrech at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 25 17:59:11 CEST 2017

Hi all,


I think my previous emails got blocked because I did not use my strongswan registered email address. I'll then try to summarize what I did.

As a reminder  :

- the main issue is that traffic selector list update for a given running SA is not taken into account at rekeying time. :-(

- I use Vici with python


I followed a suggestion that was :

- to setup a tunnel with its default SAs (child1) -> works fine with a basic config file.

- to create a second child SA (child2) with the updated TS list in the connexion list -> I use the vici python load_conn function : works fine.

- to activate this "child2" SA -> I'm supposed to use the activate function  I guess. here I have 2 pbs : 

        I am unable to use the python vici function that seems to accept only 1 parameter (the child name). I think I need to fill the connexion name somewhere else.

        Using the "swanctl --initiate ..." command (as a wokaround), I got one step further but got the error " unable to install policy... " as the same TS are used for child1 & child2. As a result the command fails and the tunnel is restarted.
- to terminate the initial SA -> I did no manage to use the python vici terminate function.


Does somebody out there use python vici interface & could help me?










Hi all,


I'm using vici to define & dynamically change traffic selectors associated with a connexion (using ikev2).


I observe that traffic selector list modifications are not taken into account at rekey time but only at reauthentication time.

I used  "Linux strongSwan U5.5.3/K3.16.0-4-amd64" version and recently switched to "Linux strongSwan U5.5.0/K3.16.0-4-amd64".

Is there a way to force TS modification at rekeying time ? 

thanks - Best regards,

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