[strongSwan] Building Android strongswan with Android Studio on Windows

Marian Kechlibar marian.kechlibar at circletech.net
Wed Aug 9 17:43:06 CEST 2017


I am interested in building Android strongswan with Android Studio on
Windows + running it in the Android emulator provided with Google.

We're currently debugging a failed IKEv2 connection between an Android
phone and a openBSD gateway and I would like to try the connection from
the emulator. There, the debug tools could help me to detect the cause
of the problem.

But when I download the ZIP strongswan-master from GIT, I am unable to
get the Android Studio to compile the Android client. To tell the truth,
I am not sure how and where to start. I "imported" the project to the
Android Studio, but after a few seconds of build, the system complains
about missing AndroidManifest.xml.

AndroidManifest.xml is present in the src subdirectory
(src/frontends/android/app/src/main), but the Studio does not seem to be
aware of it. I am attaching a screenshot.

Is there anyone with any experience regarding build of StrongSwan on
Android Studio? Perhaps we could put some instructions together, as they
might be helpful for other people, too.

Best regards

Marian Kechlibar
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