[strongSwan] Fwd: Hi Need Help to setup

Guruprasad Sekhar sekhar.guruprasad at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 07:04:19 CET 2016

Hi All,

My self guru prasad working on some collage project and iam very new to
IPSec strongswan

My use case

Client      <----> Router <------>   Network   <-------> Server/gateway

Here Client is behind NAT and it has 3 LTE interfaces[ multiple interfaces
- different IP]  and server having single interfaces and all the
communication between client and server has to be secured and i want to use
strongswan and  from the client side all the application data will be sent
to 3 differerent interfaces from MPTCP module . now can you please help me
the strongswan configutaion setup .

[client-  LTE1,LTE2,LTE3 ip addresss can change dynamically]

Please let me know all the configuration at both the side

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