[strongSwan] Roadwarrior: automatically add SNAT rules for bridged VMs/Docker containers?

Richard Chan richard at treeboxsolutions.com
Sat Nov 5 04:20:16 CET 2016

1. Roadwarrior scenario ike2/rw-cert 'carol'. carol has a bridged network
for VMs and docker containers. I would like the roadwarrior to SNAT the VM
network to 'moon' (same rightsubnet) automatically when the tunnel is up.

I do not want to expose the bridged network to the central site (ie. not
site2site). Anyway the bridged network subnet is up to the roadwarrior to

2.  So after connection 'home' is up:

ip ro sho table 220 via dev eth0  proto static  src

With bridged network on carol, I need the following rule

iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING  -j SNAT -s -d 10.1.1./24

where I need to extract  rightsubnet and the leftsourceip somehow.

Any suggestions?

Richard Chan
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