[strongSwan] Inject summary route in main table

Richard Chan richard at treeboxsolutions.com
Fri Nov 4 03:43:08 CET 2016

Hi list,

Currently I have strongswan as a roadwarrior gateway and it injects host/32
routes into table 220.

Is it possible to configure strongswan to inject a summary subnet route
such as to the main routing table?

I would like to distribute the summary route to the router behind the

How do you guys do it?

1. bird  - can fake a persistent /24 network to the neighbor with a stubnet
{}; bird is actually working quite well but I don't know how to withdraw
this route if there is no roadwarrior.  (Other lists have suggested don't
bother - just leave the route in and blackhole it at the gateway.)

2. quagga - if strongswan would inject/withdraw a /24 route into main I
could redistribute that.

Richard Chan
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